Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A week with S.T.R.E.S.S..:]

now 4.07 am..and i still can't sleep bcoz of nescafe..
therefore,i was thinking about to update my blog..
last week is a critical week for me..
and i have succesfully go through it..

firstly,my personal problem..
hmm..this is a big problem for me and have effect my entire life..
i think this is the last tyme for me 2 be in this world.
but i still have a friend that always support n be with me..
Thanks Allah for giving such a good friend..

Secondly,for the first tyme there are 4 test that i have to attend in 3 days..
aaaarrrgghhh..im so stress to study all the subject..
all theories.....make me more stress.
but ALHAMDULILLAH..i have try my best to settle it..
hope the result will not make my lecturer get heart attack..

Lastly,this is about my friend..
errmm...so sad to say about this..
i have 5 best friend but 1 of them have make me so dissappointed with him..
i don't know what happened to him until he willing to do such bad thing to us..
we trust him n forget all his bad attitude n accept him who he is..
but...he the one's who create a distance between us..
hmm...don't know how to make this friendship be as previously..

That all from me to day...juz wanna share with u all..

(tbe2 nk speaking ary nie...nie sume stress nye pasal...DON'T MAKE ME SPEAK ENGLISH....hehe)

Quraishia Rozali....

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  1. hahha...wahhh.so cool...typing/writing in english!..hihi..btw..i'd like bout the last story there...haha..frankly speaking, yep truly it makes me disappointed...kenape la perlu tpu kan...jujur jela kalau nak berkwn tu...erm...brape ramai org yg kau tpu kan kwn...kesian....naseb baik kami ni xsebodoh yg kau sgka....stop la kerja2 membanggakan diri tu...akhirnya org tawu jugak nnt...kan malu diri sndiri je....hope kau akan berubah 1 hari nnt...=)


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