Friday, June 1, 2012

No Title Available~~~

suddenly feel like want to update my lovely blog...
not more than 1 month from now..
stress n scary to hear that...

As a good student, i need to stdy right now..
this semester i got 5 paper to go through.. i care about it..
ofcoz i care..
i dont want to be called "repeater"

but im still the original QURAISHIA..
last minute stdy is my way to score in exam..
thats why i love if the gap between one paper to another FAR.
if the gap is short...i will remain..
do like there is no exam..
actually im totally will avoid the word "nervous" from my mind or mouth.
its ridiculuos..i admit that im nervous but i will not tell everyone that im nervous..
sometimes it will affect others too..
so RELAX babe...

next week..
i have 2 QMT quiz..
unfortunately i have an interview for BEL on the same day..
what the FISH...
n the next day i have CRG test..
its ok..i can go through all this..
i must be an optimistic person when the situation like this..

on 11/6
i have 2 test..
in one day..
one in the evening..
n one in night..
i cant do this..
i need to stdy now..
but why i still updating my blog..
short drama~~~

wish me luck in everything im do..
all ur doa will support me to go through all this peacefully..

TQ (^_^)

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